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 Test      RFComponents

telecoms, telecoms testing, telecoms testing equipment, rf equipment, rf toolsMaser UK Provide a range of solutions to assist the mobile operators on installation, maintenance and ongoing improvement/optimisation to the RF in Base Stations.

We have an established a range of test equipment to measure, test and monitor RF on Mobile Base Stations with MultiWave and Anritsu and are adding high quality low PIM connectors, splitters, TMA’s filters etc. from a variety of suppliers.

With introduction of LTE/4G the number of frequencies being transmitted and received has increased dramatically. The side effect of this is there is a lot more opportunities for interference between the frequencies that will cause a drop in capacity and even failure of connections. Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is one of the biggest threats to mobile operators with the new technologies being more susceptible to PIM and the new frequencies creating additional PIM. The result of this is lower quality accessories or poor installation will very quickly cost operators both performance and revenue.

Our range of solutions from quality suppliers will help to both find the causes of the RF issues on Base Stations, improve installations and allow for optimisation at site where poor performance is attributed to poor RF.