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The WaveMon family consists of RF and LF Personal Monitors for human exposure to EMF.

To ensure that you do not find yourself in situations of overexposure to electromagnetic field, the WaveMon products will warn you visually, acoustically and by vibration to keep you safe.

Currently, there are three models available.

Delivering highest capacity Mobile Broadband & Fixed Wireless Access

Spectrum and capacity are two key focus areas for mobile and fixed wireless carriers today. Carriers look to maximise their spectrum use and ensure a greater network performance for the best possible connected experience for their users, both outdoors and indoors.

Venue owners emphasize enhanced mobile broadband connectivity both inside and outside their venues. The preparation checklist for any game or event now must include a high-capacity mobile network that can instantly allow on-demand video uploads for all users.

MatSing’s innovative lens antennas have multiple layers of its unique and patented light-weight dielectric meta-materials that ensure the highest performing antennas for 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Innovative Products

MatSing’s diversified product portfolio caters to varied needs including macros for dense urban, suburban, rural areas, and indoor deployments in high-capacity venues and events. With 18+ years spent in optimizing the lens antenna technology, MatSing’s antennas are outperforming all other antenna types today, including beam-forming and under-the-seat.

Whether you are a mobile network operator, fixed wireless carrier, venue owner, event organiser, government entity or an enterprise, MatSing have the right antenna solution for your needs.

Why Lens Antennas

Future-Proof your Network with Lens Antennas

Increase Network Capacity by Adding Beams, not Antennas

Partnering together to provide Ericsson Antenna Systems

If you require more information on Ericsson Antenna Systems, call us on 01329 236000 or email

Ultra Compact Small Cell Antennas with uncompromised RF performance

A family of ultra-compact antennas covering all commonly used frequency bands from 617-960MHz, through 1695-2690MHz and up to 3.5GHz and 5GHz bands. The compact designs facilitate use of these antennas in any mounting arrangement on new or existing infrastructure such as buildings or light poles. The types of antennas available include sector, omni and back-to-back designs to suit any planning requirement, in single band and multiband options. The multiband, multiport designs allow maximum utilisation of spectrum holdings and infrastructure assets, whilst the single band options are ultra-discreet and even lower visual impact.

Alpha Wireless antennas are designed and engineered for superior quality and high performance. The multiband designs use advanced technology that minimises interference between the various bands operating in the antenna, which leads to better coverage and improved network performance. Furthermore, the pseudo-omni designs use patented technology that arranges the radiators to maximise 4×4 MIMO performance. All antennas are 100% factory tested before shipment.

The Alpha small cell antennas include the following features:

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Alpha Wireless Small Cell Product Family

Alpha Wireless Small Cell Antenna Solutions
Alpha Wireless Small Cell Brochure
Alpha Wireless Small Cell Antenna Solutions

The antenna system is an integral part and one of the most crucial areas in a radio access network, impacting the effectiveness of the whole site. The antenna domain is evolving to support even more frequencies and multiple technologies. Powerful networks drive new antenna technology development to provide the needed compact, capacity and coverage.

How do the latest technologies of active, active-passive and passive antennas, antenna line devices antenna system accessories and feeder systems address these challenges?

Benefits of Antenna System

Limited constraints

Network Performance

Operational site costs

Maser Communications (UK) Ltd announce distribution agreement with Ligman Evolve Pty Ltd

Maser are excited to announce our new non-exclusive partnership with LIGMAN Evolve Pty Ltd for the sale and marketing of their world class leading EVOLUTION product range, which will enable us to provide clients with a series of scalable communication enclosure platforms suitable for a combination of Mini-macro, Macro and Small Cell equipment, covering 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi technologies. For more information email .

Sometimes the standard solution does not answer the problem.

Arena Television Limited had a unique requirement which they asked us to assist with.

In order to distribute premium production content at high data rates they needed to use Belden 1855ENH, mini RG59/U LSZH HDTV Digital Video Cables. Each cable has a diameter of only 4.45mm therefore demanding the highest level of physical protection but should still remain easy to deploy, often in harsh environments.

They asked us if we could provide them with a bespoke solution that would meet this criteria and provide many years of service.  After some research we found the perfect solution …….

Taking ten of the twelve colours available from Belden, we offered a round cable with two layers of conductors, separated by PTFE tape to improve flexibility, and a Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Jacket, thereby meeting the design criteria of the brief.

A number of cables were produced from the construction, 50m long, with the jacket stripped back by 1.2m to give free ends, the jacket sealed to reduce the ingress of water. Each core was then terminated at both ends with Belden BNCs and strain relief boots; colour coded to match the individual cores. 

The customer also requested that the cables be supplied with corrugated gaiters at either end, to protect the connectors when the cable would inevitably be pulled along the ground. These had to be bespoke, as the only commercially available ones were not big enough.

The completed assemblies can be seen in the photographs, and the customer is extremely pleased with the result. We are happy to offer the same product to other customers but are also happy to discuss your needs should you have a similar requirement. The minimum order quantities may not be as large as you may think.

INNO Instruments has been growing steadily by providing reliable products and services wherever optical communication is used. Since 2013, sales in domestic and international markets have increased dramatically and have strengthened its competitiveness in the global market. Through business INNO Instrument will make your life better, easier and faster. In spirit of innovation, INNO Instrument has the size, scope and engineering talent to continue leading the industry and become No.1 in optical communication business.

Introducing the new View 8+ into the View Family of Splicers, the 8+ is a premium core-alignment splicer with the world’s highest specifications, offering maximum efficiency by reducing splice and heating time to a matter of seconds. In conjunction with the new INNO mobile application, operators are now able to manage splicer and splice data in a more efficient and comprehensible way, boosting efficiency and saving valuable time when rolling out Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks.

We are excited to announce Maser have been Shortlisted for this years LUX Awards. The innovative project for Kawasaki Precision Machinery, based in Plymouth, showcases progressive dimming and has resulted in energy savings of 60%. To experience savings like this, please contact us now.

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