The Trompeter UPL2000 is a classically robust, high frequency, true 75-ohm BNC connector that is designed to handle high bit-rate digital video signal transmissions in conjunction with the low loss coaxial cables used in broadcast applications.

Trompeter design engineers understand the unique problems associated with the combination of high data rate digital traffic and high frequency transmissions. The unique design of the UPL2000 allows for an impedance matched transition through the connector, taking advantage of the electromagnetic effects that are so unique to high frequency transmission lines. The signal is contained within the inside surface of the outer shield through the connector in much the same way that the braid of the coax cable contains the electromagnetic energy of the signal within the cable dielectric itself. This effect is more pronounced as transmission frequency rises, as is the case with DTV and HDTV.


Draka products cover a wide range of power cables ranging from low voltage wiring up to 1kV and includes specialist Fireluf products for fire performance applications. 

Fire Performance Cables

Draka branded energy cables lead the way especially in specialised applications for fire performance cables for emergency circuits and also low fire hazard cables for general non-emergency circuits.

Multimedia Cables

For the telecommunications market, the Draka brand of multimedia cables incorporates copper and fibre optic cables that cover virtually every communication application.  These are superior solutions that will not only meet your current cable requirements but your future ones too.  With greater bandwidths, enhanced durability and easier installation. 

With more than 70 years in service, Dekoron cable is the most reputable industrial cable manufacturer in the US.Read more. Dekoron products are specified by industry leaders from countries around the globe. Dekoron support the instrumentation and control cable needs for refineries and petrochemical plants, the extraction of shale oil and gas.

Maser has extensive knowledge of supporting cable needs for large projects in the US, Middle East, South East Asia, South America and the Far East.

Coax Connectors Limited is a leading UK designer, manufacturer and supplier of high performance RF connectors.Read more

Their products are underpinned by a high level of design expertise and an unfaltering commitment to service and quality.  Having gone through a rigorous development process and extensive testing, the refined design of a Coax connector is sure to deliver the reliable and enduring performance to match your business requirements.

As well as a wide range of connectors to suit all cable requirements, Coax Connectors are also able to offer a bespoke service to satisfy all RF connector needs.

For more than 100 years, customers who have required unsurpassed performance and durability for signal transmission have counted on the Belden brand.

The Belden brand means reliability.

For more than 100 years, customers who have required unsurpassed performance and durability for signal transmission have counted on the Belden brand. In the 20th century, that trust was built on high-performance wire and cable products.

Today, Belden designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive portfolio of cable, connectivity and networking products for the transmission of signals for data, sound and video applications.

Alpha Wire are specialist industrial cable manufacturers offering a complete portfolio of exceptionally reliable wire cable tubing and accessories.

Xtra-Guard ™ Performance Cable

Their Xtra-Guard ™ Performance Cables are known for both premium performance and system reliability, direct burial, oil and abrasion resistance, advanced or maximum temperature and chemical performance cables. 

Xtra-Guard ™ cable is available in several performance grades to give you the best match between cost and environmental and mechanical performance.

Alpha Wire Industrial Series

From the factory floor to process control, the Alpha Wire Industrial Series (AWIS) cable line is well suited to the widest range of industrial applications.

Manhattan Electrical Cables

Alpha Wire’s Manhattan brand has been a trusted and reliable source of cable for over 60 years.  You’ll find the breadth and depth of products to ensure an optimum solution to your application.


Downtime is costly – whether caused by a minor malfunction or a complete cable failure.  Pro-Tekt ™ cable is a long lasting and high performing solution which is hazard-matched to survive in the most demanding operating conditions.

High Performance PVC

Offering rugged, reliable performance, Pro-Tekt cables unique premium-grade PVC insulation and jacket combined with perfect round construction, makes routing of the cable easier in small, tight spaces. 

Product Overview

Maser stock a wide range of cables and connectivity products for audio, video, home automation, data and industrial applications. We only stock the highest quality of brands and are the preferred distribution partner for Belden and also stock Trompeter, AlphaWire and our own Maser brand.

This range is available to buy at Maser Online here. For more information, browse the catalogues below or contact us here.

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