A pioneer in developing and implementing next-generation LED lighting solutions, Digital Lumens is taking a game-changing approach to the industrial lighting market.

Intelligent Lighting System – An Industry First. A pioneer in developing and implementing next-generation LED lighting solutions, Digital Lumens is taking a game-changing approach to the industrial lighting market.

With the introduction of the first Intelligent Lighting System, the company is combining LEDs, networking and software into a single, integrated system that reduces customers’ lighting-related energy use by up to 90 percent.

The company is distinguished by breakthrough technology, a management team of proven visionaries from the solid-state lighting and distributed networking industries, and proven results from real-world client deployments.

Professional Services

Expert Service. Optimal Results.

Maser Lighting offers a broad range of professional services offerings to help design, deploy, and commission Digital Lumens’ Intelligent Lighting Systems. Delivered in-house, the offerings include project design and installation support to accelerate large-scale deployments, as well as ongoing system optimization. Services include:

Project Design

Comprehensive site lighting audits to qualify and identify technical requirements, design solutions support to meet key project objectives, and alternative layout scenarios.

Project Management

End-to-end project planning and management, as well as end-user training.

System Commissioning & Onsite Services

Ensuring optimal start-up and commissioning, onsite support, management and technical service.

With a full portfolio of services, Digital Lumens’ expertise is available to support any stage of a customer project and maximise efficiency throughout the deployment process.

We offer a complimentary site survey, to establish the extent and suitability of your current lighting. Once we have this information we can look at the various options available to reduce your operational costs and increase productivity.

As a Digital Lumens authorised partner we have the experience and resources to manage any sized project from design to completion, eliminating risk and stress.

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Intelligent Lighting with NO UPFRONT COST!

Maser Lighting are the go to partners for all of your lighting needs. Projects can almost always be financed entirely from your energy savings, meaning no upfront cost. You even get money back in your pocket from Day 1.

Our long standing partnership with the leading manufacturer in Intelligent LED Lighting, Digital Lumens, gives you the confidence to make that investment in your facility and reap the long term benefits Intelligence can bring.

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DLL offer corporate leasing and hp solutions, specifically for Digital Lumens projects.

DLL is a global financial solutions partner working in nine industries. They enable your businesses to use the assets you need to contribute to the world in a meaningful way, both economically and socially. They create success for you as a partner, as a customer and themselves by seeing what really counts.


Public sector organisations can also benefit from financing their projects through Salix. We have several examples of projects successfully completed in the public sector using finance packages. Our measurable energy savings can guarantee that your expectations will be met and payments will be covered by the reduction in energy costs.

“A Day in the Light” – Living with Intelligence

Why Intelligence?

Validated Energy Savings

Customisable System

Business Insight


Maximise the Value of a Lighting System Investment

Using LightRules, Digital Lumens’ best-in-class lighting management software, customers can easily:

Unlock the Power of the Network


Flexible scheduling to manage lighting to match shift work, downtime, and holidays.


Easily generate accurate energy use, cost, occupancy, and life-safety testing reports.


Intuitive management of fixtures, light levels, and group settings.

Often, lighting solutions look great on paper, but when you test them under actual facility conditions, major issues crop up that, if known in advance, would de facto kill a project,” said John Mellas. “We tested both a fluorescent and an LED alternative, for example, both of which produced so much glare at the light source that employee complaints were immediate. This observation would not have been possible without the on-site test. Obviously, quality matters and we are thrilled with the results we’ve achieved…” – Vector Aerospace

Some of our clients:

Energy costs? Reduced by up to 90%.
Maintenance costs? Eliminated.
Safety? Delivered.
Light levels? Transformed.
Control? Total.
Results? Proven.

History suggests that the value of a one percentage point reduction in energy use will continue to rise with each passing year, rewarding the ultra-efficient with significant bottom-line savings and a growing strategic advantage over less-efficient competitors.