DK T7 Video Tutorials

DK Technologies proudly present their new videos for demonstration purposes.

We know that our high-tech quality products consist of a lot of functionalities, which sometimes can be a challenge to navigate around the system.  Hopefully our illustrations may clarify questions and provide you with useful information either for you own use of the device or in front of customers.

As many of their products are built on the same software platform, you will easily identify and recognize some of the same similarities to our other product range.

In case you have some comments or even suggestions to other video demonstrations we look forward to hearing you.

We wish you good luck and hope for a positive result.

 DK for web

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YOUTUBE BROADCAST CHANNEL AND OUR WEBSITE On DK Technologies’ website and YouTube you find a lot of new demonstration videos for the new software and it increases in numbers every day. If you subscribe to their Broadcast Channel on YouTube, you automatically will receive a notice when new videos are available. The videos are divided into 2 groups:

  1. Product Features
  2. General Education and Training

Right now you find videos with the following contents:

  • Introduction to DK T7
  • DK T7 basic house keeping
  • DK T7 TimeSaver
  • DK T7 LEQM Automation capture

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NEW VERSION OF THE DK T7 CORE AVAILABLE SOON FOR DOWNLOADWe are pleased to inform you that our new software will be posted on our website for download soon.
We can already reveal what features the new software will consist of – what you have been waiting for:

  • Multi Loudness set display and logging (up to 16 channels and 4 sets)
  • Multi True Peak set display and logging (up to 16 channels and 4 sets)
  • TimeSaver Loudness Automation capture
  • Flexible Data Read out window
  • Multi Meter Scale support
  • 256 x 256 TDM Matrix
  • Real Time Clock and Loudness capture and logging
  • Programmable start and stop time

 DK for web 2

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At DK-Technologies we are working with a number of individuals, who want to take part in the software development. If you want to participate in this program and be among the first to receive the new software before it is published, please write a few lines about yourself to the below email address. 

Contact Maser