Looking for flawless signal transmission at live broadcasts and stage productions? Leading cable manufacturer Belden have just upped the capacity of their new CatSnake™ cables to an impressive 10gb to ensure maximum uptime and reliability for critical live events.

Concerned about the repeated bend and crushing strain on your audio cables in high traffic areas? The Belden® CatSnake™ (Cat 6A tested) cables have been proven to deliver superior performance even after 1million bendings in a track chain test. This is thanks to the 100% coverage of the pairs individually shielded with Beldfoil® aluminium/polyester foil and an overall braided shield.

Key features of Belden® CatSnake™ (Cat 6A tested) cables:

• Maximum uptime and reliability for critical live events.

• Able to withstand repeated pulling, flexing, bending, coiling and crushing during stage and live sound applications.

• Designed to meet the requirements of the latest digital audio formats.

The Belden range of high performance CatSnake™ Cat 6A cables offers the highest standard Cat 6A shielded cable in a flexible and rugged design for use in the harshest environments.

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