Here at Maser, not only do we supply bulk cabling, but we also specialise in providing communication solutions for the TV and Radio broadcasting industry from German manufacturer Kathrein. With an expert team on hand, Maser can advise you on the best products for your needs.

Kathrein’s range of compact signal processing systems are highly regarded in the industry providing reliable connectivity with easy to use control units. There are many variants to suit specific needs so get in touch to discuss you requirements.

If you are looking for a quality range of portable signal meters, then this is also one of Kathrein’s specialities. The range features meters for analogue TV, Satellite and FM radio, Sat-IF reception and even satellite alignment. View the brochure here or for more information and advice, please click here for our contact details.

If it’s high performance broadband you’re looking for, Kathrein’s range of optical broadband platforms, components, receivers, amplifiers and accessories deliver just that. To view the extensive catalogue click here, alternatively, let us find the solution for you by contacting the Maser team who can advise you on the best product for your needs.

Finally, Kathrein excel in the supply of powerful antenna components, splitters, filters, combiners and custom designed antennas and complete systems and can even deliver complete ‘on-site’ installation packages and cater to special features. Contact Maser today to talk about your upcoming project.