About Us

Established in 1983, the Maser Group has grown into a multinational company with offices in United Kingdom,  Australia and New Zealand.

Following on from the success of distributing Cable and connectors in the UK we have added a Telecoms division covering an established range of products for Installation and Outgoing optimisation of Base Station RF. This includes test equipment, PIM, Spectrum Analyser, Antenna Testing, Antenna Alignment and much more for 2G, 3G and LTE. Also a range of connectors, splitters, TMA’s filters etc. to provide high quality low PIM connectivity.


Maser UK are also pleased to announce our exciting partnership with Digital Lumens. We are distributing their LED fixtures which are wirelessly networked and centrally managed – delivering maximum lighting efficiency and unmatched value in industrial environments.


Maser can provide a cost and resource effective ‘one-stop-shop’ type service to customers looking for a single supplier to provide their RF network components. Maser provide this service using their own stable of world leading suppliers and will source from other vendors as needed to simplify the procurement process.


Maser has extensive logistics capabilities and experience that is required to fulfil major network roll-out requirements in a timely manner. We use a pool of freight forwarders to keep freight costs down, have our own warehouses for storing network equipment and spares, and are experienced at delivering large items (e.g. base station antennas) around the UK.