RF Solutions



Maser Communications (UK) Limited is a distributor of a wide range of Test Equipment from several premium manufacturers, we can provide test equipment to support all your installation and maintenance testing requirements.

Our products include:

RF Testing

Anritsu Sitemaster Cable & Antenna Analyser

Anritsu PIMmaster Passive Intermodulation Analyser

Multiwave Smart Antenna Aligner

Fieldsense Personal RF Monitor

Fibre Testing

INNO Fusion Splicer


Anritsu OTDR

Anritsu Fibre Microscope

DAS/IBS Testing

Consultix CW Transmitter’s

Consultix CW Receiver’s 

Consultix Walk/Drive Test Solutions

Network Transport Testing

Anritsu 10G Ethernet/OTN/SDH/FC

Anritsu 100G Ethernet/OTN/SDH/FC

Small Cell Antennas

Alpha Wireless Ultra Compact Small Cell Antennas

Kathrein Antenna Solutions