Anritsu is the industry standard for RF and Microwave Test and Measurement equipment for both field and lab environments, with instruments operating at all frequencies up to 110GHz and beyond.

Site Master™ Compact Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer

The Site Master S331E is a handheld cable and antenna analyzer designed to make Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, and Distance-To-Fault (DTF) measurements in the field. The cable and antenna analyzer also includes 1-port phase and smith chart measurements. The 2-port transmission measurement option includes two power levels and access to a built-in 32 volt bias tee (Option 10). In addition to the cable and antenna measurements, the S332E can be configured to include a Spectrum Analyzer, 2-port Transmission Measurement, Interference Analyzer with Interference Mapping capabilities, Coverage Mapping, Channel Scanner, CW Signal Generator, AM/FM/PM Analyzer, PIM Analyzer, Power Meter, and High Accuracy Power Meter. P/N: 11410-00516

Anritsu OTDR

There are many handheld OTDRs on the market that appear to be a good value until they are put into action and the user quickly finds out that they lack the performance needed to install and maintain today’s networks.
The new MU909014/15 μOTDR Module series for the MT9090A Network Master™ platform from Anritsu finally addresses this need by providing all of the features and performance required for installation and maintenance of optical fibres in a compact, modular test set. The MT9090A represents an unmatched level of value and ease of use, while not compromising performance. Data sampling of 2 centimetres, dead zones of 0.8-meter and dynamic range up to 38 dB ensure accurate and complete fiber evaluation of any network type – premise to access, metro to core…including PON-based FTTx networks featuring up to a 1 × 64 split.

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