Delivering highest capacity Mobile Broadband & Fixed Wireless Access

Spectrum and capacity are two key focus areas for mobile and fixed wireless carriers today. Carriers look to maximise their spectrum use and ensure a greater network performance for the best possible connected experience for their users, both outdoors and indoors.

Venue owners emphasize enhanced mobile broadband connectivity both inside and outside their venues. The preparation checklist for any game or event now must include a high-capacity mobile network that can instantly allow on-demand video uploads for all users.

MatSing’s innovative lens antennas have multiple layers of its unique and patented light-weight dielectric meta-materials that ensure the highest performing antennas for 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Innovative Products

MatSing’s diversified product portfolio caters to varied needs including macros for dense urban, suburban, rural areas, and indoor deployments in high-capacity venues and events. With 18+ years spent in optimizing the lens antenna technology, MatSing’s antennas are outperforming all other antenna types today, including beam-forming and under-the-seat.

Whether you are a mobile network operator, fixed wireless carrier, venue owner, event organiser, government entity or an enterprise, MatSing have the right antenna solution for your needs.

Why Lens Antennas

Future-Proof your Network with Lens Antennas

Increase Network Capacity by Adding Beams, not Antennas

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