Alpha Wire is extending the Xtra-Guard family of performance cables with new 26 AWG (0.14 mm2) and 28 AWG (0.09 mm2) stranded conductors. Smaller gauge conductors help reduce the cable diameter, help provide better flexibility, increase compatibility with today™s smaller connectors, and still provide the high performance and system reliability for which Xtra-Guard is known.

The new small-gauge cables are available with a variety of conductors and twisted pairs. Shielding options include unshielded, foil, and Supra-Shield® foil/braid. Supra-Shield is Alpha™s proprietary high-performance shielding consisting of a trilaminate foil and tinned copper braid to achieve exception EMC performance.

The Xtra-Guard family is well known in the industry for its ruggedness and high performance in demanding applications, says Mike Dugar, Senior Product Manager at Alpha Wire. By extending the line to 26 and 28 gauge, we give users even more choice in meeting critical design and application requirements and especially in applications where the need for smaller cables and increased flexibility doesn’t allow any compromise in performance.

Xtra-Guard is Alpha™s family of high-performance cables available in a wide variety of grades to cover applications from demanding to severe.

Xtra-Guard 1 meets the needs of critical signal applications

Xtra-Guard 2 is a heavy-duty cable offer enhanced resistance to abrasion, mechanical stress, oils, solvents, and fuels

Xtra-Guard 3 is an outdoor cable, offering resistance to weathering, moisture, and UV aging and allowing direct burial with conduit

Xtra-Guard 4 is a cable with excellent high and low temperature performance

Xtra-Guard 5 offers outstanding high-temperature performance and resists all oils, solvents, and fuels

Xtra-Guard Flex is a line of cables for high-flex applications such as motion control

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