Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

This is an European legislation that includes all types of products used in the building industry; CPR has a common technical language, mandatory CE marking, a network of Certified Notified Bodies and an agreed Assessment system with Verification of Constancy of Performance.

Cables will be included from July 2017 for “Safety in case of fire” and “Reaction to fire”.  If your cables are fixed into the fabric of the building they will be in scope for CPR.

Euroclass programs are classifications that are designed to reflect the real world including reaction to fire performance for building products; the Euroclass table currently consists of seven classes for the assessment of fire performance of cable.

Testing includes, spread of flame, smoke emission, heat release, corrosiveness of gases and flaming droplets. Once a cable has been tested it can be assigned a performance rating in the Euroclass system that provides an indication of how it will react in the event of a fire.

Manufacturers need to meet the required conditions with physical testing to the new classes, ensure that paperwork and product markings have been provided also periodically assess classified products to ensure ongoing continuity to the Euroclass classification

How is all of this is going to apply to us in the UK?  Well everything could change following our decision to leave the European Union but currently from 1st of July all communication cables used in the European Economic Area (EEA) are subject to CPR.

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