Maser and Arena TV work together to find a Bespoke Solution

Sometimes the standard solution does not answer the problem.

Arena Television Limited had a unique requirement which they asked us to assist with.

In order to distribute premium production content at high data rates they needed to use Belden 1855ENH, mini RG59/U LSZH HDTV Digital Video Cables. Each cable has a diameter of only 4.45mm therefore demanding the highest level of physical protection but should still remain easy to deploy, often in harsh environments.

They asked us if we could provide them with a bespoke solution that would meet this criteria and provide many years of service.  After some research we found the perfect solution …….

Taking ten of the twelve colours available from Belden, we offered a round cable with two layers of conductors, separated by PTFE tape to improve flexibility, and a Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Jacket, thereby meeting the design criteria of the brief.

A number of cables were produced from the construction, 50m long, with the jacket stripped back by 1.2m to give free ends, the jacket sealed to reduce the ingress of water. Each core was then terminated at both ends with Belden BNCs and strain relief boots; colour coded to match the individual cores. 

The customer also requested that the cables be supplied with corrugated gaiters at either end, to protect the connectors when the cable would inevitably be pulled along the ground. These had to be bespoke, as the only commercially available ones were not big enough.

The completed assemblies can be seen in the photographs, and the customer is extremely pleased with the result. We are happy to offer the same product to other customers but are also happy to discuss your needs should you have a similar requirement. The minimum order quantities may not be as large as you may think.

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