Available from Maser Communications (UK), Belden™ FibreExpress Brilliance Field-Installable Connectors are quick and simple to use, allow fibre termination in only 5 seconds and require no specialised tools.

The FibreExpress Brilliance Connector offers installers and end users alike the fastest, simplest, most cost effective and reliable field-installable connector in the industry. This connector can be used as a backbone, horizontal or fibre-to-the-desk component in any commercial building or Data Center.

Facilitate Fast, Easy Termination of Tight Buffered Fibre

The connectors is the choice for high speed optical fibre networks such as 10G Ethernet and the more challenging 40G/100G networks of the future. Its use with Beldens™
FibreExpress Ultra Patch Panel an ultra high density, easy-to-install and flexible patch panel system, guarantees improved performance and reliability, along with ease of use and distinct labour savings.
The simple, yet sophisticated, design of the new FibreExpress Brilliance Connector enables contractors to terminate a tight buffered fibre in just three simple steps:
* Step 1 – Insert the prepared fibre into the connector
* Step 2 – Using the index finger, slide the connectors™ switch-like activator toward the fibre to be terminated to bring about the splice/crimp
* Step 3 – Slide the boot on the connector body  and it is done!

The Simplest, Brightest and Best Connector
* Ensures reliable network performance by virtue of superior design and manufacture
* Best materials used
* Provides a quick and greatly simplified tool-less fibre termination process

Saves Time and Labour

Unlike all other field-installable connectors no tools are required to terminate the fibre
Termination in only 5 seconds
Installation planning and set up times are greatly reduced
Training easy and straightforward

Saves Money
No tools means no special tools to purchase
Connector can be re-terminated up to 5 times, lowering material costs and no connector waste
Installation kits are less complex and less expensive
Belden provides a 100% installation yield guarantee
Product has long life cycle

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