Intelligent Lighting Systems

“A Day in the Light” – Living with Intelligence

Why Intelligence?

Validated Energy Savings

  • The system measures and records all aspects of your new lighting for measurable value

Customisable System

  • Make changes as you go via a web browser or smartphone app to minimise downtime

Business Insight

  • Use reports to learn where people are in the facility and where power is wasted


Maximise the Value of a Lighting System Investment

Using LightRules, Digital Lumens’ best-in-class lighting management software, customers can easily:

  • Control and schedule lighting behavior – anytime, anywhere
  • Optimize lighting and energy use across one or many buildings
  • Create energy savings and facility activity reports
  • Comply with safety codes and energy efficiency requirements
  • Integrate with building management systems and enterprise applications

Unlock the Power of the Network


Flexible scheduling to manage lighting to match shift work, downtime, and holidays.


Easily generate accurate energy use, cost, occupancy, and life-safety testing reports.


Intuitive management of fixtures, light levels, and group settings.

Often, lighting solutions look great on paper, but when you test them under actual facility conditions, major issues crop up that, if known in advance, would de facto kill a project,” said John Mellas. “We tested both a fluorescent and an LED alternative, for example, both of which produced so much glare at the light source that employee complaints were immediate. This observation would not have been possible without the on-site test. Obviously, quality matters and we are thrilled with the results we’ve achieved…” – Vector Aerospace

Some of our clients:

Energy costs? Reduced by up to 90%.
Maintenance costs? Eliminated.
Safety? Delivered.
Light levels? Transformed.
Control? Total.
Results? Proven.

History suggests that the value of a one percentage point reduction in energy use will continue to rise with each passing year, rewarding the ultra-efficient with significant bottom-line savings and a growing strategic advantage over less-efficient competitors.

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