Ericsson Antenna Systems

The antenna system is an integral part and one of the most crucial areas in a radio access network, impacting the effectiveness of the whole site. The antenna domain is evolving to support even more frequencies and multiple technologies. Powerful networks drive new antenna technology development to provide the needed compact, capacity and coverage.

How do the latest technologies of active, active-passive and passive antennas, antenna line devices antenna system accessories and feeder systems address these challenges?

Benefits of Antenna System

Limited constraints

  • Add 5G mid band with zero footprint using our massive MIMO integrated Hybrid and Interleaved AIR solutions
  • Highly integrated antennas covering all deployment scenarios and new frequency bands
  • Enable massive site upgrades while keeping legacy form factor

Network Performance

  • Industry leading antenna quality & electrical performance
  • Best-in-class testing facilities and methods
  • Good side lobe suppression and superior PIM for excellent network performance

Operational site costs

  • Lower operational site expenses with improved wind load and lower weight
  • Combined powerful portfolio of industry leading radios and antennas resulting in an end-to-end site optimized solution

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