LED Solutions



Lighting Summary

We will design, supply, install, project manage, commission and even complete onsite training to ensure every part of your project is completed with the utmost care and consideration. We use a wide variety of trusted manufacturers, ensuring better durability and improved energy saving are of primary importance. With energy costs on a parabolic upward trend, there has never been a better time to invest in lighting to ensure energy and maintenance bills are kept to an absolute minimum, whilst maintaining and improving employee comfort.

Commercial Lighting

We provide a vast range of commercial lighting for spaces like offices, hospitals, institutions and government buildings. Designed and specified to the latest guidelines, our in-house team of design and technical experts cover every facet of your lighting project. 

Industrial Lighting

In tandem with our commercial lighting portfolio of products, we also provide first class industrial lighting from right across the lighting market. We offer the everything from the most rugged, 300,000 hour, 10 year warrantied systems, to the cost effective IP rated, basic products. We have you covered with whatever industrial application you wish to cover.

High End Domestic 

Our control experts are on hand to retrofit any existing property with our smart lighting solutions. We can convert all your lighting to smart lighting using our range of tried and tested solutions. From interior to exterior, top to bottom, we have the knowledge to link all your lighting together to form a seamless network no matter how old it is. This includes added connectivity to electric gates, automatic blinds, exterior lighting, fountains – you name it, we can control it.

Environmental Monitoring

An ever growing part of our business is environmental monitoring. But, this isn’t just monitoring power consumption, we can also monitor energy, vibration, CO2, temperature, VOCs, particulates, noise – any environmental condition you can think of, so you have a true picture of what’s going in and around your site. Monitor activity for reporting purposes, identify usage anomalies for preventative maintenance, unlock area-level data that can reveal environmental risks such as leaks, and aggregate and benchmark data across production lines, facilities, or sites to identify new operational efficiencies. With increased visibility, comes better insight, which is crucial to understanding how your facility functions.