Maser Announces New Supplier

Maser are pleased to announce a new product.  The Multiwave Smart Aligner System is a GPS-based compass designed to effectively and efficiently align your antennas in real time. The Smart Aligner solution is an antenna alignment tool designed for ease of use and unparalleled accuracy that provides a True North or Grid North azimuth measurement, Tilt, Roll and Position. Once the system is mounted to the antenna, it is simply turned on. From there the user interface is the full feature app on any iOS and Android smart device. Reporting with this antenna aligner is as simple as a few clicks with the report being able to be emailed directly from the app. The system has been tested in the harshest RF live antenna environment while still maintaining it’s accuracy. The Smart Aligner solution is an accurate, fast, and scalable antenna alignment tool creating an effective solution for all your alignment needs.

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